How to Trace a Router IP

by Kirk Bennet
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A properly installed and configured router enables you to connect multiple computers to an Internet connection. After you connect the router to one of your business computers and turn it on, you must open the Web interface in a Web browser to start configuring it. You usually navigate to the router's IP address to open the Web interface, so you need the correct IP address. Although routers have a default IP, you might have changed it.

Verify the router is turned on and connected to your business computer. Most routers have at least a Power light.

Click the "Start" button on your computer.

Type "cmd" (without quotes) in the Search box at the bottom of the Start menu and then click "cmd.exe" in the list of results at the top of the menu to open the Command Prompt utility.

Type "ipconfig" (without quotes) in the Command Prompt and press "Enter" to run the command. A few lines of information are immediately displayed.

Locate the "Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection" section and look at the "Default Gateway" parameter. The value at the right of the parameter is the IP address of your router.


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