How to Remove Duplicates From the Playlist in Winamp

by Melissa King
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The Winamp multimedia player enables you to play songs and movies, manage your portable media device and enhance your music with built-in equalizers and plug-ins. With Winamp, you can add, edit and remove songs from your playlist. Winamp does not automatically detect duplicate files when you add them to the playlist, but you can remove them manually at any time.

Launch the Winamp program. Click "File" and "Open Playlist." Select the playlist you want to load.

Click on the "Remove" button. Point to "Remove..."

Click "Remove duplicate entries." Winamp removes duplicate files, or those with the same name, from the playlist.


You can also remove duplicate entries by clicking in the playlist pane and pressing the "Shift" and "Delete" keys together.


When removing duplicate entries, do not click "Physically remove selected file(s)." This option permanently removes the selected files from your computer.


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