How to Place iWork Pages Into InDesign

By Elle Smith

iWork Pages is a consumer-level page layout program with many tools to create impressive brochures, reports, ads and posters. An alternative program to use than Adobe's state-of-the-art publishing program InDesign, Pages is a good choice to create template-based publications that can then be imported into an existing InDesign document. While InDesign offers more precise layout and text controls for high-end work, the work you create in Pages can't be edited in InDesign. This solution works best if you've already created some of your work in Pages, but want to finish the rest of your layout in InDesign.

Export from Pages

Launch iWork Pages and create a new document, or open the existing Pages document you want to place into InDesign.

Select "File" from the menu and select "Export." In the resulting dialog box, click the "PDF" icon. Click the "Image Quality" menu and choose "Best" for the highest quality export. Click "Next."

Name the exported PDF in the Save As dialogue box and click "Export."

Import into InDesign

Launch InDesign. Select an existing document or create a new one.

Navigate to the page in your InDesign document where the PDF will be placed.

Drag the PDF icon to the InDesign page. Release the mouse to drop it into the document. Alternatively, you can draw a picture frame, press "Ctrl-D," browse to the PDF file and choose "OK."