How to Use a Lexmark All-in-One Scanner

By Ruri Ranbe

All-in-One printers are ideal for small businesses and for personal use because they often include a scanner, fax and copier in addition to the printing fuctionality. Wireless-capable printers are a boon to organizations too, since workers don't need to connect their computers to the device to print or scan a document. While scanning documents on a Lexmark All-in-One is straight-forward, configuring the device for network use and navigating the control panel can be confusing the first time.

Insert into the optical drive the software disc that came with the printer. If the setup program fails to start, click the Windows "Start" button, choose "Computer" and open the CD or DVD drive.

Follow the on-screen prompts to install the All-in-One device to your computer. If your wireless network does not appear in the list of available hot spots, click "Unlisted Network" and "select Continue." Enter the network details into the appropriate fields and follow the remaining on-screen instructions to complete the installation.

Open the scanner lid and place the document face down on the scanner glass. Close the scanner lid.

Press "Home" on the printer control panel. Press "Scan | OK | Computer or just Scan | Computer."

Use the left and right arrow buttons to select the destination PC or select the name of the target computer from the screen. Enter the PIN number associated with the computer, if applicable.

Use the up and down arrow buttons to select the color, image size and other scan options from the menu. Press "OK" or "Accept" to view the settings for a category.

Use the left and right arrow buttons to highlight the preferred setting. Press "OK" or "Accept" to confirm the selection.

Press "Start" to scan the document to the destination computer.


If printing to a local computer, connect the PC to the Lexmark All-in-One via a USB cable. From the control panel, press "Home | Scan | USB-Connected Computer" or "Home | Scan | OK | Computer | USB-Connected Computer | OK."

The control panel varies from model to model; some models, for example, require you to select "Scan to Network" and enter the login credentials for the target computer.

You must install the Lexmark software to each computer you want to use with the device.