7 Ways to Add HTML Signatures in Gmail

By Shala Munroe

Email helps you market yourself, so include helpful links in your message's signature.
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Email signatures help you share not only your basic contact info, but also direct hyperlinks to your website, social networking sites or your YouTube videos. Incorporating such links in an email signature has become a standard marketing technique to help you promote yourself or your product with every message you send. However, Gmail doesn't make it easy for you to create HTML signatures for your emails. You'll need some help from some third-party tools to add your HTML signature to Gmail.

Download WiseStamp for Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. Follow the on-screen prompts to install the application. Under your browser's "Tools" menu, choose "WiseStamp." Add your signature information by typing the links for your social networking sites and your contact information. Choose the "Design" tab to see how your signature looks and to change the layout. Create multiple signatures, such as "Personal" and "Business," using the drop-down box at the top left of the dialog box. To add to an email in Gmail, compose your message then click on the "WiseStamp" button on the top of the email screen. Choose your signature, then press "Send."

Install the Blank Canvas Gmail Signatures Firefox add-on, then restart Firefox. Open your Gmail account and start a new message. Choose "Create Signature" from the row of new buttons beside your "From" field. Type your signature information in the first box, including your HTML tags, and you will see a preview of your signature in the bottom box. Choose "Save Signature." In your email screen, choose the signature from the drop-down box beside the "From" field to add your signature to your email.

Install the Greasemonkey add-on to your Firefox, then install the "Gmail – Insert HTML Signature" user script, version 2.1.1. Restart the browser. Open your Gmail account. Click on the new link below the Gmail logo: "Insert HTML Signature into Gmail Message." Type your signature and links into the box provided, and use the preview pane to confirm your signature is correct. Gmail inserts the signature you create as a default into your emails.

Download the Better Gmail 2 Firefox add-on. Click the "Compose" tab in Gmail and check the box beside "HTML Signatures." Click "OK." Compose a new email, then click on the new "Compose Signature" box beside your "From" field. Type your information, including your links, and select "Save Signature." The signature should automatically appear in your emails.

Use a website design program such as Dreamweaver, FrontPage or Google Page Creator to design your signature, complete with HTML links. Copy and paste the HTML code into the bottom of your email in Gmail to add the signature.

Create your signature as a bookmarklet, or small Javascript applet, using an online editor. On the GeekFG website, create your signature in the online editor box. Click the box at the bottom to "Insert Signature at the End of Email." Click to go to "Step 2." Drag and drop the newly created applet to your Google toolbar, then create a new Gmail message. Place your cursor where you want the signature to be placed, then click the applet icon.

Visit Yahoo's MyBlogLog site to create an HTML signature. Sign in using your Yahoo ID, or create a new, free account. Go to "Personal Profile" and choose "Widgets." Click "Edit Signature," then compose your signature with your HTML links. Copy and paste the HTML code into your Gmail email in any browser to manually add your signature with links.