Can I Keep EarthLink After Getting Verizon FiOS?

By Garrett Genet

You can keep Earthlink's services even if you switch over to Verizon's FiOS Internet service; each provider uses a different medium for the different services it provides, so they can overlap without any issues. Take into account the costs of doing so however, since each company provides discounts for bundling services.


You can keep your Earthlink email account if you've switched over to FiOS, however you may incur a service charge if you don't retain any Earthlink services.

Dial-up Service

Dial-up service from Earthlink is not affected by having FiOS, as it operates through an entirely different medium. If and when you need to use it, you dial-in as before to access the Internet. You simply use your FiOS connection when you're at your home or business.

High-Speed Internet

Earthlink doesn't offer high-speed Internet service through a fiber optic network, so having FiOS wouldn't affect your Earthlink Internet service. If you want to keep your Earthlink service as a backup Internet line certainly do so, but otherwise it's redundant to have it.

Bundle Packages

Both Earthlink and Verizon offer discounts when you bundle their services. Switching to Verizon for Internet, but keeping Earthlink for phone service will cause you to lose out on discounts on both ends, as you won't be bundled with either company. Consider switching all your services to one provider for the most savings.