How to Hard Wire an ADSL Filter

By James T Wood

You can install a filter on your phone system that will separate the Asynchronous Digital Subscriber Line signal from the voice signal. Typically ADSL, or simply DSL, filters are installed in line with the phone, so the phone's RJ-11 type jack plugs in to the filter and the filter plugs in to the wall jack. You can, however, hard wire the filter into a wall plate, if you don't want the filter expose. You can either install a wall mounted filter, or splice the wires of a modular filter into an existing wall plate.

Wall Mount Filter

Plug the RJ-11 cord from the wall mount filter into the wall jack.

Push the wall mount filter over the mounting pegs on the wall jack. If there are no pegs, loosen the screws so that the wall mount filter can slide over them.

Slide the wall mount filter down so that it locks on to the screws. Connect your phone to the wall mount filter.

Wire Splicing

Unscrew the wall jack face plate and set it aside. Remove the mounting screws that hold the phone jack in the junction box.

Pull the jack out from the wall so you can see the wires attached to it. Cut the wires in the middle between the wall connection and the jack. Strip the last half-inch of insulation from all of the wires.

Cut the plug end off of the modular DSL filter about half-way between the filter and the plug. Remove the outer casing from the last inch of the filter's cable. Strip the last half-inch of insulation from each of the individual wires.

Take the plug-end and mate it with the jack. Find the red wires from each and twist them together. Wrap the connection with electrical tape. Connect the green wires, the black wires and the yellow wires in the same manner.

Repeat the splicing process to connect the filter to the wires coming out of the wall. Insert the plug-end into the jack of the filter.

Push the jack into the wall and remount it in the junction box. Re-attach the face plate.

Items you will need

  • Flat-head screwdriver

  • Cross-head screwdriver

  • Wire cutters

  • Wire strippers

  • Modular DSL filter

  • Electrical tape