Making the Comment Box Bigger in Blogspot

By Adrian Grahams

The comment box embedded below your posts on Blogspot—now called Blogger—blogs automatically expands to include all text entered by the visitor as he comments on your content. To display a larger blog comment box in the visitor’s Web browser, change Blogger's default comment form settings to either the Full Page or Pop-Up Window option in the Blogger Settings page.

Sign into your Blogger account.

Scroll to the blog on which you want to include a larger comments box in the blogs listed on the Blogger Dashboard page.

Click the blue Settings submenu link below the blog’s title. Click the Comments tab in the menu at the top of the page to open the Comment Settings page.

Go to the Common Form Placement section. Click the radio button beside Full Page if you want to enlarge the comment box to a full page in the visitor’s Web browser, or click the “Pop-Up Window” radio button to display the comment box in a new window that launches on top of the blog post page when the visitor selects to add a comment to any of your posts.

Scroll to the bottom of the page. Click the orange “Save Settings” button to save your changes and implement them on the blog.


If you want to review and approve reader comments before Blogger publishes them, select the “Always” radio button in the Comment Moderation section on the Comments Settings page.