How to Customize Tumblr if You Don't Know HTML

by Michael Butler

Tumblr uses HTML to allow you to personalize your blog on the site. If you don't know HTML, you can customize your Tumblr blog by using Tumblr's selection of tools. Although, you have fewer options than working with HTML, you can still change your blog to suit your needs in a variety of ways.

Log in to Tumblr and click "Customize Appearance." You will see a list of tabs across the top of the screen. Each tab contains different customization options.

Click "Info" for the option to add a name for your blog and write a description of it. You can also paste Java code and widgets into the "Description" field.

Click "Theme." Click on a free theme to install it. Click on a paid theme to redirect to the store where you can purchase it. Tumblr has hundreds of free and paid themes that you can install on your blog to customize the appearance.

Click "Appearance" to change the color of certain things on your site, such as links and YouTube video borders. You can customize the number of columns on your page and add custom links as well.

Click "Pages" to add custom static pages to your blog. Since you don't know HTML, you can only create "Standard Layout" pages, which is the default option. Create a name for the page and use the text editor to enter information on the page. When you are done, click "Create Page."

Click "Advanced" to set how many posts to display on each page of your blog. You can also determine how Tumblr generates URLs for your blog and add custom CSS.

Click "Save + Close" when you finish customizing your Tumblr blog.

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