How to Enable Followers for Blogger

By Kay Ireland

Enable the followers widget.
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While some prefer a private blog, if you'd like to reach the largest audience possible with your musings a blog follower list is ideal. Blogger allows you to enable a widget for followers so those who read your blog simply click one button to become a follower. Followers receive updates to their Blogger or Google profile making it easy for them to check in on your latest blogs. Since the follower widget is a simple installation on your blog it's quick to start collecting and connecting with your blog readers.

Log into Blogger with your username and password. When you reach the dashboard click "Design" found underneath the title of your blog.

Locate the right-hand sidebar on your blog design interface. Click "Add a gadget" found at the top of the sidebar design.

Scroll in the new window until you find the gadget named "Followers." Click the addition sign beside the title to authorize the addition.

Give your followers list a title. If not, it will automatically be labeled as "Followers." Click "Save."

Click and drag the "Followers" gadget around your sidebar until you're satisfied with the placement of your followers box. Click "Save."