Blocking Incoming Texts on an AT&T Cell Phone

By Maya Walker

Smart Limits is available for all AT&T cellphones.
i David Paul Morris/Getty Images News/Getty Images

You can block incoming texts to your AT&T cellphone with the help of the company's Smart Limits feature. Smart Limits allows you to block texts and calls to and from numbers. By adjusting your settings, you can prevent texts from all numbers. You can enable and disable the feature at any time through your online account. The feature is available to subscribers for a monthly fee. Check with an AT&T representative for the current pricing for the feature.

Access in your computer's Web browser. Click “Login” and enter your account information. If this is your first time accessing your online account, register for a new account.

Hover over “Wireless” in the top menu and click “Smart Limits.”

Click the phone on the account for which you want to block incoming texts.

Click “Allowed Numbers” in the side panel. Enter at least one number in the field. To prevent texts from any numbers, enter the AT&T cellphone's 10-digit phone number in the “Add New” field. The system will recognize it as the only number allowed to text the phone. Texts from all other numbers will be blocked.

Click “Logout” to exit the system and save your settings.