Adding Blogspot Blogs to FeedBurner

By Jason Artman

Because Blogspot and Feedburner are both Google services, they integrate with little effort. Although Blogspot has a built-in system that generates a feed from your blog's posts automatically, Feedburner has advanced features including click-through tracking and revenue generation through AdSense. If your blog attracts a large number of daily visitors, it may be worthwhile to convert your built-in feed to a Feedburner one for increased earning potential. Create a Feedburner feed for your blog and add the address to the Site Feed section of Blogspot's configuration area to redirect all subscribers to Feedburner.

Navigate to in your Web browser and log in. Click the "Design" link next to the name of your blog on the Dashboard page.

Click "Add a Gadget" on the right side of the Design page and click the "+" button next to "Subscription Links" in the new window. Click "Save."

Open your Blogspot blog in a new browser tab. The right side of the page displays a new gadget titled "Subscribe to."

Click the "Posts" button on the "Subscribe to" gadget, and then click "Atom." This displays your blog's RSS feed in a new tab.

Highlight the full contents of your browser's address bar. Right-click the highlighted address and select "Copy" on the context menu. This copies the address of your Blogspot blog's RSS feed to the clipboard. An example of a valid Blogspot RSS address is ""

Navigate to in a new browser tab. Right-click the field under "Burn a feed right this instant," and select "Paste" to insert the address of your Blogspot blog's RSS feed. Click "Next."

Type the name of your blog in the "Feed Title" field, and type your desired feed address in the "Feed Address" field. If you type "myblog" in the "Feed Address" field, for example, the address of your Feedburner feed will be "" The address you choose cannot already be taken by another Feedburner member. Click "Next" to create the feed.

Return to the Dashboard, and click the "Settings" link next to the name of your blog.

Click the "Site Feed" link near the top of the page.

Enter the address of your Feedburner feed in the "Post Feed Redirect URL" field.

Click the "Save Settings" button. Any reader who clicks one of the "Subscribe" links on your blog's sidebar is automatically redirected to your Feedburner feed.