How to Export Meshes From Blender to Photoshop

By William Pullman

Blender 3D graphics software has an export feature that allows you to save your projects in different file types for use in other programs, such as Photoshop. Though Blender doesn't include an export file specifically for Photoshop, you can use three of the available file types for importing the project into Photoshop as of August 2011. Once you import your Blender meshes into Photoshop, you can edit and manipulate the meshes as needed.

Open the file in Blender that you want to export and click "File" on the top menu. A pop-up menu of options appears on the screen.

Hover the mouse over "Export" to reveal a second pop-up menu, and click "Collada (.dae)," "3D Studio (.3ds)," or "Wavefront (.obj)." All three file types are supported by Photoshop.

Select the location for the file, type the name in the top text box, and click "Export" to save the file.

Open Photoshop on your computer, click "File," "Open" and the name of the file you exported from Blender. Import the exported Blender file into a previous Photoshop project by clicking "3D," "New Layer from 3D File" and then the name of the exported Blender file.