How to Make HTML Images for Craigslist

By Travis Meyer

Craigslist supports two ways to attach an image to a classified ad. The first is with their image uploading option, which allows you to navigate your computer’s home directory and upload an image to your advertisement using Craigslist’s server. The second way to add an image to your Craigslist post is with HTML markup. Because not all Craigslist posts -- such as job offer ads -- support the image uploading option, HTML must occasionally be used to add an image.

Go online and navigate to the image you want to use for your Craigslist post and copy the URL. Any image will work as long as it’s on the Web.

Go to and click “Post to Classifieds.” Follow the prompts provided by the site to choose a category and location.

Type the necessary information in the corresponding text fields, such as how much your service or product costs, your location and the ad’s title. Click the large text field to place a cursor in the post’s body text field.

Type <img src=”XXX” /> in the text field, highlight “XXX” and paste the link to the image.

Click “Continue” to preview the post with the HTML image and click “Continue” again to post the ad to Craigslist.


Change the size of the image by adding a “width” attribute to the image tag. With “XXX” as the value, an image tag with a width attribute looks like

<img src=”XXX” width=”XXX” />