How to See Someone's Facebook Profile Picture Larger Without Logging In

By Robert Schrader

See someone's Facebook profile picture larger without logging in to your Facebook if you're using Facebook from a computer where you can't or simply don't want to log in. Each Facebook user's privacy settings specify what random visitors to his profile are able to see. If the user's privacy settings don't restrict nonfriends from seeing pictures, it's possible to see the profile picture full size without being logged in to Facebook.

Navigate to the person's Facebook profile using his Facebook URL in the format "" It isn't possible to search Facebook for someone by name or email address if you aren't logged in.

Click the person's profile picture. Clicking a Facebook profile picture without being logged in to your account loads thumbnail versions all of a person's pictures he has set as publicly viewable in the window.

Choose the profile picture from this selection to see it larger. Back up and click other pictures to see them larger if you so choose.