How to Get Pandora on a PC

By Steven Melendez

Updated April 24, 2019

Pandora is a popular service for streaming music, letting you create virtual radio stations based on songs you like and with a premium option for playing songs of your choice in the order you want. If you're looking to use Pandora to listen to music on your office or home PC running Microsoft Windows, you can either use the Pandora app for Windows or access Pandora through your web browser.

Understanding the Pandora Music Service

Pandora is a music-streaming service that has apps available for most modern devices, including for smart phones running Android and iOS, as well as computers running Microsoft Windows and Apple macOS.

You can use Pandora for free to listen to customizable Pandora radio stations with advertisements or get a premium plan that lets you play music in the order you choose and without ads. A variety of plan options are available, including family plans allowing you to stream to multiple devices at once. Check out Pandora's current offerings, including any discounts, for a Pandora plan that meets your needs.

Pandora Download for Windows

One way to use Pandora on a Windows PC is to grab a free Pandora download from the Microsoft Windows store online. Log in to the Windows Store on your computer with your Microsoft account, and then use the search box to search for "Pandora."

Download the app and sign into your account. If you don't have a Pandora account yet, click the "Sign Up" button within the app. Then, fill out your information and click "Sign Up" again.

The Pandora desktop app will allow you to create radio stations of your choice based on artists and songs that you like by clicking the "Create a Station" button. You can also use one of Pandora's pre-built stations if you see one offering a style of music that you like.

Using the Pandora Web Service

If you're using a PC where you don't have permissions to install software or you would rather not install a new app on your PC, you can still listen to Pandora. Visit and click "Log In" to sign in to your account or "Sign Up" to create a new account.

Search for an artist or song to create a new radio station or play a specific song if your plan permits that, or use an existing radio station that you or Pandora have created.

Pandora in the Office

If you're listening to Pandora in the office, make sure to observe the etiquette rules that make sense in your company. If others around you don't necessarily want to share in your music, you may want to wear headphones. Make sure to keep music at a reasonable volume in your headphones so you don't annoy your colleagues, miss important conversations or damage your hearing.

If you're going to be playing Pandora where others can hear, you may want to consider which songs are office-appropriate. You can use Pandora's explicit content filter to limit the service to songs that could play on traditional radio. To active that feature, click or tap your initials or profile picture in the app or on the website, then toggle "Explicit Content" to "Off" to disallow such content. If you turn "Explicit Content" to "On," songs with such lyrics could potentially be played.

Remember that if you're playing music in a place where the public can hear it, such as in a store, restaurant or bar, copyright considerations might apply. Determine whether your business's public use of Pandora is legal and whether you need to pay for any copyright licenses.