How to Start a Business Rebuilding A/C Compressors

By Danny Donahue

The fins of your your air conditioner hide the coils fed by the compressor.
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An air conditioner compressor is composed of a motor, one or more pistons and a compression tank. These elements together feed the coils that cool the air that is blown into your living space. A compressor, and the coils it feeds, are filled with refrigerant. Repair of this system must be learned from an experienced technician and must only be performed by someone with years of training. You can start your own A/C compressor repair business by learning the procedure and complying with safety and hazardous materials rules that apply to anyone working with refrigerant and compressed gasses.

Learn the business from the inside. Work for an A/C compressor rebuilding business for at least five years before considering starting your own business.

Examine the competition in the location you want to enter as a new A/C rebuilding business. This industry is extremely competitive with many companies and many more technicians.

Write a business plan that outlines your intention to use your experience to start your business and carry it into the future. Consider the local competition in your business plan as well as the local industry trends. Take your business plan to your bank to seek funding.

Purchase tools, parts and equipment needed to run a successful A/C rebuilding business. Purchase a truck that can carry everything to your job sites. Locks and alarms on your truck will keep your equipment safe and reduce your insurance rates.

Make arrangements with a local recycler to accept your hazardous materials. Compressors use coolant that is hazardous to the environment. These chemicals must be properly handled at all times.

Obtain a business license from your local county clerk's office. Ask the clerk if your county or state require a special license to handle compressors or other hazardous materials. Purchase a hazardous materials license if one is required. Buy liability insurance to cover any accidental losses.

Advertise your A/C compressor rebuilding business in the local Yellow Pages, through a company website and in your local newspaper. Meet with local A/C retailers and talk to the manager of each retailer about doing repairs for his company as well as being referred to his post warranty customers.


A/C compressors use coolant that is hazardous to people, animals and the environment. These chemicals are under pressure and must only be handled by a competent, well trained individual. Only perform this type of work if you have received the necessary training and licenses. Failure to comply will result in the loss of your business, civil fines and possible criminal prosecution.