How to Switch a Sprint Phone to Cricket Service

By Faith O

Updated September 11, 2015

A Cricket phone

Cricket is a wireless and mobile broadband provider that is becoming increasingly becoming popular as the company works to increase its coverage area. The company's main selling point is wireless service at an affordable price. One of the plans it advertises is the unlimited nationwide talk and text plan. Cricket service is not available nationwide yet, so check the company's website to see if the service is available in your area and if it provides all the features you need.

You must get a new Cricket phone in order to use Cricket service. Pick a phone, or phones if you are buying a family plan. There are a number of phones with different levels of capability and different prices. Check the Cricket website for prices (see link in Resources).

Pick a plan by checking the Cricket website for current offerings. Sign up for Cricket service and ask that your old number be ported or transferred to Cricket. This may take a few hours or a few days. You can sign up online, on the phone or in a Cricket store.

Do not cancel your Sprint service until your number has been ported or transferred to Cricket. To avoid any interruptions in service or possibly losing your number, do not cancel your service until your current number has been transferred from Sprint to Cricket. When that happens, Sprint will disconnect your service and you will be able to use your Cricket service with the same phone number. In fact, you do not need to call Sprint at all.


Comparison-shop. Compare the services you have with your current wireless provider and make sure you can get comparable service from Cricket. For example, if unlimited nationwide calling from anywhere in the U.S. is important to you, Cricket does not have that service as of March 2009, and you will be charged roaming fees.