Searching for Duplicates on Tumblr

By Randall Blackburn

Use the Mass Post Editor to find duplicate content.
i Mario Tama/Getty Images News/Getty Images

If you post a lot of content on Tumblr, you may have difficulty identifying duplicate posts simply by scanning your timeline. While you can use tags to organize and manage your posts, and then find duplicates by searching for your unique tags, finding duplicate posts using this method may not always be feasible. Instead, use Tumblr's Mass Post Editor feature to find and compare all posts published to any of your blogs for any given month.

Mass Post Editor

The Mass Post Editor is available for all of your Tumblr blogs. Load the blog to search in the dashboard, and then click the "Mass Post Editor" link in the right sidebar to see a list of thumbnails, with each image representing a post. By default, the current month view is active. To view a different month, click the "Month" drop-down box, and then select another option. Scroll through the lists and compare your posts to find duplicates. To delete a duplicate post, click on the thumbnail to see a check mark appear on the image, and then click the "Delete" button in the top toolbar. The duplicate post is removed from your posts list and timeline.