How to Reset the Password on Voicemail for a BlackBerry Bold

by Shea Laverty

When first setting up your BlackBerry's voice mail, setting a strong password can keep unwanted eavesdroppers from hearing your messages. Whether you're setting a password for the first time or changing an existing one, you need to configure the password on the phone itself and in the voice mail system. If changing your old password, you need to know it in order to proceed.

Changing on the Handset

You can access the password editor for your voice mail by pressing the Send Key and selecting "Voicemail" from the options menu. From this screen, you can enter a new voice mail access number and password. These numbers will be used by your phone to log you in to your voice mail without having to manually enter your password.

Calling into the System

After changing the password on your phone, you need to call the voice mail system and change the password inside the system itself. To do this, press the Send key followed by the Menu key and select "Call voicemail." You need to use your old password to gain access to your voice mail account. From within the system, you can change the password in your account settings so that it matches the password added to your phone itself. If the passwords in the system and on the phone don't match, your phone will fail to log in to your voice mail, at which point, you will need to call BlackBerry customer service (link in Resources).

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