Can You Report Someone on Facebook More Than Once?

by Randall Blackburn
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You can report someone on Facebook multiple times for harassing or abusing you. Use the Report a Violation of the Facebook Terms page to report an abusive user or offensive content. Facebook support teams review the report, then take the necessary action which may include disabling the offender’s account.

What Can I Report?

You can report any action that you feel is abusive or harmful. Facebook considers someone pretending to be you or hacking into your account without your permission to be serious violations of the terms of service. Additionally, you can report content that you find offensive, abusive or intolerant. Finally, if someone is using your photo or your child's image without your permission, you can report this incident as a violation, as well. To report on offensive piece of content, you will need the URLs to the content and the date the post was published. Complete the form, then click “Send” to file the report.

Additional Information

Note that content you find offensive may not violate the Facebook terms. The support team will evaluate the content, then take the necessary measures, if indicated. Your reports remain anonymous to the offender or the owner of the content.


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