How to Enable Yahoo Chat in Mail

By Allen Bethea

You can chat with different people by opening up multiple Messenger tabs.
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In the past, if you wanted to send or receive messages through Yahoo Mail or chat online with Yahoo Messenger, you needed to load and enable two separate applications. Today, however, Yahoo Mail and Messenger are combined into a single Web application. You can access either function from the same browser window or tab.

Accessing Yahoo Messenger

Once you sign into your Mail account, Yahoo Messenger is enabled and available to use as well. You can access Messenger directly from Mail by clicking the "Messenger" button. If the person you want to chat with is in your contact list, online and signed into to his Yahoo account, you can start your chat conversation immediately by clicking his name. If you want to chat with someone not in your contact list, however, you can launch the Messenger pop-up window from Mail, type in his username, a short message and then let Messenger page him for a session.