How to Make Your Tumblr Known

By Tammy Columbo

Promote your Tumblr blog to generate Tumblarity.
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After you have spent time designing your Tumblr blog and publishing interesting posts, you may want to promote your blog to make a name for yourself on Tumblr. Promoting your Tumblr blog is similar to promoting your other social media accounts. Sharing interesting content and following other blogs will help promote your blog. In addition, cross-posting on your other social media accounts is an effective way to get your Tumblr content noticed. You can also use online tools to promote your blog and obtain followers.

Following and Gaining Followers

One of the most basic ways to make your blog known is to follow other blogs. When you follow a blog, the blog owner is notified. Many blog owners will check out your blog, then follow you back if your content is unique and interesting. The more followers you have, the more exposure your blog receives. Followers of those who follow you will see your posts in your followers’ timelines.

Publish Interesting Posts

Tumblr blogs that post interesting content can generate a buzz by quickly gaining popularity with Tumblr users and visitors. The most popular blogs on Tumblr are creative, interesting blogs with attractive designs. Popular blog authors tend to post regularly on their blogs, so be sure to give your followers new content on a regular basis. Followers will get bored if they need to wait for several days between posts. If you are strapped for time, explore the Tumblr Queue and Scheduling features to schedule your posts in advance.

Design Matters

Change the theme of your blog to one of the many Tumblr theme choices. You can find thousands of free and paid themes in the Tumbler Themes catalog (see Resources). Apply a theme to complement the purpose of your blog. For example, use a portfolio theme to showcase your photos if you are a photographer who wants to display her work.

Social Media

Share your Tumblr posts on Facebook, Twitter and your other social networks. You can integrate your Tumblr blog with both Facebook and Twitter by enabling these features in the blog settings. When you integrate Tumblr with Twitter and Facebook, you have the option to publish your Tumblr posts on the other social networks at the same time. You can enable and disable these features for each individual post in the new post form.

Promote your Tumblr blog on your social media accounts as you would promote any product or service. Do not over-promote your blog, but share some of your posts and other interesting content you find on Tumblr.

Interact on Tumblr

Tumblr is a social platform, and you can make your blog known by interacting with other users. Follow others’ blogs, like and reply to posts, and engage blog owners by messaging them when the Ask feature is enabled on their blogs. Reblog unique and interesting content, and answer questions posed to your Ask page.

Promotion Tools

Some sites, like TumblrPlug, TumblrFollow.Me and Promote Your Blog, enable you to post your Tumblr blog and a description to solicit followers (see Resources). These sites are free, and most users who post their blogs will follow back those who follow them. Post your blog on one or more of these sites to gain followers and get the word out.