How to View a Tumblr Header

By Nick Peers

Analyze successful Tumblr blogs to find ideas.
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Using Tumblr, you can create free blogs and share your thoughts and ideas with any number of potential readers. If you wish, you can customize the header HTML code of your blog, which may make it rank higher in search engine results. Search engines look at the meta tags found in the header of the blog, among other things, so you can gather many useful ideas by looking at other headers. In addition, if a blog has a catchy header image, you can find its URL and HTML code in the header of the page.

Navigate to the Tumblr blog in any browser. All Web browsers, including Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer can display the source code of the page.

Open the Web page's source. In Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, press "Ctrl-U" to view the page source. In Internet Explorer, press "Alt" to display the Menu bar, click "View" and choose "Source" from the menu to view the HTML code of the page.

Locate the <head> tag. The code between the <head> and </head> tags is the header of the page and contains the meta tags. If you are interested in the header image, it is located between the <head> and </head> tags. The tag that displays the header image is <img src="Image_URL"> in which "Image_URL" is the link to the image. You can use it to open the image in your Web browser and then save it on your computer. Note that some images are copyrighted.