How to Insert Social Icons Into a Tumblr Blog

By Andrea Ruiz

Find free social icon sets for use on your blog on your preferred search engine.
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Many Tumblr themes automatically generate links to social media accounts and insert them into the main menu of your site. However, if you want to include a row of custom icons linking to your social media accounts, you can upload them to a Web host, and then insert HTML code into your theme's Description box, embedding the icons into your blog's layout and linking them to your social media profiles.

Inserting Icons Into Tumblr

First, upload all of your icons to a Web host that allows external linking. You can upload them to a third-party Web host account, or you can upload them into a Tumblr post. Right-click and copy the URLs of each icon to your clipboard. From your dashboard, select the blog into whose layout you want to insert the icons, and then click the "Customize" tab. In the Description box, enter the following code for each icon:

<a href="social-media-link"><img src="image-link" border="0"></a>

Replace "social-media-link" with the URL to your social media profile, and "image-link" with the corresponding URL to your hosted icon. Tumblr displays a preview of your edits in the main panel. Click the "Save" button to make the changes permanent.