How to Add a Submit Button to Tumblr

by Naomi Bolton

Adding a submit button allows your visitors to post content to your Tumblr blog, provided they adhere to the guidelines you stipulate. Create the image for your button using a free editor such as GIMP or a free button resource such as 123RF or (links in Resources), upload your button to a free image hosting service such as Tinypic or (links in Resources), and then add the button to your Tumblr blog.

Sign in to your Tumblr account, and then click the gear button on the dashboard to access the settings page.

Scroll down to the submissions section, and then click the toggle button next to "Let people submit posts."

Type a name for the submissions page title, and then fill in the submissions guidelines box to inform visitors about what kind of content they are allowed to submit. For example, you can warn visitors not to submit copyrighted or obscene content.

Type optional tags, separated by commas, in the tags box, and then click the toggle buttons next to the type of content you want to allow. You can set that visitors can only submit certain type of posts, such as photos or videos or all the post types that Tumblr supports.

Click the "Edit Theme" button from the Website Theme section, and then add the following line of code to the Description box:

<a href="/submit" ><img src="http://freeimagehost/Submitbutton.gif"></a>

Replace the URL that follows the "img src" line of code with the URL where your submit button image is hosted.

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