Is it Possible to Use Outlook & a Microphone Headset?

by Kathryn Hatashita-Lee
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Microsoft Windows 8.1 enables you to use Outlook and your microphone headset for dictation. The Windows Ease of Access software collection includes the Windows Speech Recognition app to help you control your PC with voice commands. Speaking into your mic during Listening mode will help you navigate your PC with minimal use of a keyboard and mouse and open an Outlook window for your next dictated task, such as filling forms.

Microphone Setup

Pressing the "Windows" key and typing "Set Up a Microphone" opens the Microphone Setup Wizard with three options: "Headset Microphone," "Desktop Microphone" and "Other." Selecting "Headset Microphone" displays a read-aloud test for your mic settings to help configure your PC. Complete this wizard to start Speech Recognition.

Speech Recognition Voice Profile

Training your PC with your voice profile helps make your PC process your words and commands more effectively. The Windows Speech Recognition app opens a narrow window with the mic icon. Clicking the "Mic" button toggles the two modes "Listening" and "Off." Keep the Listening mode displayed. Open your Outlook 2013 by saying "Start" to open the Start screen and then "Outlook 2013" to open your new Message window, for example. Speak clearly into your mic to start the dictated text in the selected area, such as the Subject field or the text body. If you want to correct the last word, say "Correct" and then say the correct word to insert, or select a word from the pop-up list to insert in your correspondence.


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