Keys to Getting Followers on Tumblr

By Randall Blackburn

Getting followers on Tumblr is relatively easy. Most Tumblr users will follow back other users who follow their blogs. However, there are a few more things you can do beyond following blogs to get other users to follow you. Interacting with other users and posting interesting content are keys to getting more followers on Tumblr.

Follow Major Blogs

When you follow the blogs on Tumblr, the blog owner may follow you back. The blog’s followers may also discover your blog and follow you. Find the most popular blogs to follow by reviewing the Tumblr Spotlight page (see Resources). Blogs featured in the Spotlight section have been nominated by other Tumblr users, then approved by Tumblr staff to be interesting, creative and worth following. To find the Spotlight section, click the “Find Blogs" tab in the right panel of your Tumblr dashboard. The Tumblr Radar section under the Find Blogs tab often features the blogs of celebrities and popular figures.

Reblog Posts

Reblogging is essentially reposting a Tumblr post. Think of reblogging as the Tumblr equivalent of a Twitter retweet. Reblogging is not only acceptable, but encouraged on the Tumblr platform. When you reblog a post, the author is notified. Chances are good that the user will follow you, especially if you reblog his posts often.

Like and Reply to Posts

Blog owners can enable Replies on posts. When you reply to a post, you may engage the post’s author, which may prompt the user to follow your blog. When the Reply setting is enabled, a Reply icon is displayed at the bottom of the post. You can leave short comments as replies to a post when this feature is activated. To view the replies and likes from you and other users, click the “X Notes” link at the bottom of the post, where “X” is the number of notes. Click the Heart icon to like a post. Likes are also displayed in the Notes list.

Post Compelling Content

Other Tumblr users will follow blogs that they find interesting. Focus on a primary topic that you will build your content around. Keep your content relevant to the blog’s topic so that followers don’t get lost in a forest of unrelated posts. Customize your blog theme to present your visitors and followers with a pleasant visual experience.

Use Tags

Tags on the Tumblr platform operate like Twitter hashtags. Include two or three pointed, relevant tags on your Tumblr posts so that your posts will appear in other users’ Tumblr searches, and possibly on search engines. For example, if you maintain a food blog and your latest post is a recipe for Heavenly Fudge, you might include the tags #fudge and #recipe. Your primary blog is public and can be viewed by all, and your public posts appear in both visitors’ and followers’ searches. The more users who see your posts, the more followers you will gain.