Can You Get Your Tumblr Back?

By James Wright

Deleting your Tumblr blog permanently deletes your account, all your group and secondary blogs, content and any saved account data. After you delete your blog, none of this data can be restored. However, you can request that your premium themes be transferred to another blog before deleting your account, and you can reclaim your old URL if you want to make sure no one else takes it.

Transferring Themes

If you have premium themes you don't want to lose, you can contact Tumblr and ask them to move the themes you paid for over to another blog (see References). You must do this before deleting your main blog, as it will send the message from your main account.

Reclaim Your URL

While you can't restore any of your blog's content, you can sign up with the same URL as before; your old URL is freed up as soon as you delete your blog. However, this means that anyone else can also sign up with your old URL. Whether you plan to continue blogging or not, making an account with your old URL will prevent anyone else from taking it.