How to Put a Quote in a Reblog on Tumblr

By Melly Parker

As more people view, like and reblog a Twitter post, the number of comments on the post increase. Sometimes a comment on a Twitter post can provoke a laugh, make you think or give more information about the original post, and you can quote that comment so that people who view your posts see it, too. The block quote option below a reblog is available only on the desktop site, so you can't denote quotes on your mobile device unless you add quotation marks to the text.

Highlight the text you want to quote with a reblog, and then click "Ctrl-C" to copy it.

Click the reblog icon on the post you want to share.

Click in the box below the reblog so your cursor appears, and then click "Ctrl-V" to paste in the quote.

Highlight the text in your reblog. Click the block quote icon, resembling an arrow next to a vertical line. Click "Reblog" to share the post.


While you can switch the post type to "Quote," that reblogs the post as a quote. You can still add quotes in the method described above, but it might not be an appropriate post type for a link, text or image.