Getting the Tumblr Description to Follow Scrolling

by Alan Sembera

The description section of your Tumblr blog's theme normally appears at the top of your blog in either a header or sidebar, and then disappear from the page as you scroll down through the posts. On most themes, you can edit your style sheet so that the sidebar or header stays in place as you scroll, so that your readers can always see your blog description. You can also do the reverse, so that your blog description always scrolls with the page.

Click the "Customize" tab on your Tumblr dashboard to access your blog's theme settings. Click "Edit HTML" on the page to open a window containing your theme's HTML code.

Find the block of code in the custom style sheet section that controls the appearance and layout of your sidebar or description area. This block often begins with "#sidebar", ".sidebar" "#right_column", ".header" or something similar, followed by an open bracket -- "{" -- and several lines containing attributes such as "width: 250px;", "float: right;" and "position: absolute;".

Change the "position" line to "position: fixed;" to make the sidebar or header area stay fixed on the screen when readers scroll through your blog. Change it to "position: absolute;" if you want the sidebar or description area to scroll along with your posts. If the "position" line isn't present, add it yourself just before the closing bracket, or "}".

Click "Update Preview" to test your changes in the preview window. If it doesn't work the way you intended, undo your changes and try again in another block of code.

Click "Save" to keep your changes, or click the back arrow to exit without saving.

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