What Are the Duties of an Admin of a Facebook Group?

By Naomi Bolton

Facebook groups are designed for people with shared interests or goals to connect with each other. Unlike pages, groups have privacy settings so you can regulate who may join. When you create a group, you are automatically appointed as the admin; in groups with existing admins, you have to request this privilege. As a group admin, you perform certain duties to keep the group page useful and informative.

Post Content

As a group admin, you have the same privileges as the other members of the group. You can post content and reply to posts made by other members. You can post updates that are relevant to the interests of the group, add photos or videos, ask questions or upload files. When posting a question, you can add options for a poll and allow other group members to add additional options. Your posts as a group admin keep the group members informed and discussions on track.

Add Members and Appoint Admins

If you enabled membership approval for a group that you admin, you and other admins have the final say over requests to join the group. Even if other members of the group add their friends, they only become members after you approve. Group admins can appoint additional admins to assist with the duties. You can appoint any member of the group as an admin, which gives the member the same privileges as you have. Because admins can remove members or other admins, only appoint individuals who can handle this power responsibly and not disrupt the group.

Adjust Group Settings

Group admins have control over the settings for the group. You can set the privacy level and membership approval. As group admin, you can edit the group description that informs potential members about the purpose and goals of the group. To help people find the group, you can enter descriptive keywords in the tags section and -- if a group you administer has fewer than 250 members -- you can change the name of the group.

Moderate Posts

If you set the group options so that any member can add or approve members, you might find new members posting disruptive or abusive content. Other group members can report these posts, and it is your duty as the admin to handle these reports. You can delete posts that do not adhere to the group guidelines and ban members who continue to make these kinds of posts. If you remove a member from the group, he can send a request to rejoin, but if you ban a member permanently, he will not be able to rejoin the group or see any of its content.