Ways to Put Instagram Pictures on Your PC

By George Tinari

Get your favorite Instagram photos on your PC.
i Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Sometimes we take Instagram pictures that are too good to be confined to the small displays of our smartphones -- they ought to get the prestige they deserve on a larger computer display. Perhaps they're worth saving to your files, too. Getting Instagram photos on a PC is no easy task, but some free services make it easier.


If you aren't already a Dropbox user, the free cloud storage service will quickly become your friend if you want to access your Instagram photos not only on a PC but on virtually any device. The app for Android and iOS supports auto-upload of photos. Download the app to your smartphone, then sign in or create an account. When you're logged in, tap the "Photos" tab and then tap "Enable" at the top to turn on Camera Upload. From then on, any photo you take, including Instagram pictures, will automatically upload to your Dropbox and be stored in the cloud. From your PC, go to the Dropbox website or download the PC app to access your photos.

ICloud Photos

If you're an iPhone or iPad user with iCloud enabled, every photo you take is automatically uploaded to what Apple calls Photo Stream. Since Instagram stores photos in an album called "Instagram" in the Photos app of your iOS device, these are sent to Photo Stream as well. Photos in the Photo Stream appear on every other Apple device you own and stay in sync, but you may not realize that you can set up Photo Stream for your PC, too. Download the free iCloud Control Panel for Windows. Sign in with your Apple ID, then make sure Photos is checked off in the panel. Click "Options..." to choose where you want iCloud to store your Photo Stream photos.

Share to Flickr

One of the sharing options built-in to Instagram whenever you upload any new photo is Flickr. If you have a Flickr account, a quick solution is to just share your photo to Flickr when posting the photo to Instagram. Then, log in to Flickr on your computer and click the image in your albums. From the viewer, click the "More" ellipsis icon in the right sidebar and choose "Download / All sizes." Click the image size on the following page that you want to download, and the Instagram photo will be stored on your PC via Flickr.

Save Photos from Webstagram

Webstagram is a website dedicated to displaying your Instagram photos and photos in your feed online. Visit the Webstagram website and click "Login" to authorize the website to access your Instagram account. After logging in, click either "Feed" or "My Photos" in the navigation bar depending on which photo(s) you want to save to your PC. Once you find an Instagram picture you want to save, simply right-click it and select "Save Image As..." Choose a folder on your PC and click "Save."