How to Hide Your Likes Section on Tumblr

by Randall Blackburn
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You can configure each of your Tumblr blogs to show or hide the Likes section for your posts in the dashboard timeline. Likes are part of the Tumblr Notifications feature, which can be configured in the Account Preferences menu. If the Notifications feature is enabled, you can view a list of users who liked, reblogged and replied to each of your posts. You cannot enable and disable only the likes listings. You must enable or disable the entire Notifications feature. If you disable the Notifications feature, the Reblogged By and Replied notifications will be disabled along with your likes.

Open Tumblr, then click the gear icon in the top toolbar of your dashboard to open the Account Preferences menu. You can also enter the URL for the Preferences page in a browser address bar, then press “Enter” while logged in to the platform.

Click the “Dashboard” option in the right sidebar to open the Dashboard Preferences page.

Slide the “Show Notifications” switch to the “On” position. The “Saving...” icon appears as the setting is saved.

Click the “Home” icon to return to your dashboard.


Tumblr dashboard notifications are also known as “Notes.”


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