Can You Change a Tumblr Background on Every Page?

By Naomi Bolton

The Tumblr microblogging service allows you to customize most aspects of your blog, including the background color or image. You can view your Tumblr blog straight from your dashboard, which can have a different background than the normal blog page. Tumblr also supports custom and external pages which can be different from the main blog page. Depending on the theme that you are using, your Tumblr blog can either have endlessly scrolling or separate pages for posts. You can customize the background for the latter using JavaScript.

Tumblr Blog Pages

The background on your Tumblr blog page depends on the theme that you are using, but most themes allow you to change the background image or color from the Customize screen. If your chosen theme does not support changing the background from the Customize page, you can edit the HTML code of the theme to make changes. Themes that use an endlessly scrolling page for blog posts obviously have only one background, but if your posts are separated into pages, you can change the background color for each page using JavaScript. Adding the script from the JavaScript Kit website (link in Resources) to the "<BODY>" section of your theme displays a random background color each time a visitor clicks the "Next" or "Preview" page links on your blog.

Tumblr Custom Pages

Apart from the main blog pages where your Tumblr posts are displayed, you can also add custom pages to your blog. These custom pages are accessible from links on your blog page and can have either a standard or custom layout. If you select the standard layout, your custom pages have the same appearance as your currently active blog theme. If you opt for a custom layout, you can use your own code to specify the way that the page looks. By using a custom layout for each of your pages, you can display a different background image or color on every page.

Tumblr External Pages

Apart from custom pages that are linked to your Tumblr blog, you can also link external pages. Tumblr adds a link to your blog that redirects to the external website page when clicked. As these external pages are not part of Tumblr, you cannot edit or change anything about the pages from the Tumblr editor. If you are the owner of the pages to which you are linking, you can edit the HTML source code using an external editor to change the background for each page.

Tumblr Dashboard Pages

Your Tumblr dashboard page is a single page where you can view your own blog posts, create new posts and view posts by other Tumblr users that you are following. Like your blog, your dashboard can be set to either scroll endlessly or display a certain amount of posts per page. However, your dashboard does not use the same theme as your blog, and there is no native option for customizing the background. You can use third party browser extensions such as Stylish and Nice Tumblr (links in Resources) to add custom background images and colors.