How to Get a Sparkly Cursor on Tumblr

by Melly Parker

A sparkly cursor is one way to jazz up your Tumblr account. All it takes is a little code added to the template that you use on your blog. When choosing which cursor you want to add, consider the colors of your template, the type of readers your Tumblr account has and how the new cursor will look with your graphics and other page effects.

Choose a Cursor

The first thing to do is to select which cursor you want to add to your page. There are many available online from Tumblr customization websites. A basic black sparkle cursor is available from Snazzy Space. Black sparkles trail behind the cursor as it moves over your page. Theme Candy has a similar cursor that displays rainbow colored sparkles behind the cursor. Cursors 4 You has a Sparkly Ice cursor that's blue and has a glittering effect on the cursor itself.

Get the Code

After you've selected your cursor, get the code that you need to add it to your Tumblr account. Look for the place on the page that lists the code. For example, the Theme Candy code is behind a link marked "Here." The Snazzy Space code is directly below the example of the cursor. For the Sparkly Ice cursor, click on the "Tumblr" tab, and then select the code under "Tumblr #3." Once you've selected your preferred code, click "Ctrl-C" to copy it.

Customize Tumblr

Now that you have your code, open your HTML/CSS template on Tumblr to add the code to it. Sign in to Tumblr, and then open the blog to which you want to add the sparkly cursor. Hover over the upper right corner of your blog to make the hidden icons appear. Click "Customize." Click "Edit HTML" under your theme.

Add the Code

Once you have your template open, press "Ctrl-F" and look for the "<body>" tag. Place your cursor under the body tag, ensuring it is the first thing after the tag. Press "Ctrl-V" to paste the code for the cursor you selected into the box. Click "Save" to save the new cursor to your Tumblr blog.

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