How to Delete the Search Option in Tumblr

By Tammy Columbo

Remove the Search box from your Tumblr blog's theme.
i Liquidlibrary/liquidlibrary/Getty Images

Though you cannot remove the Search field on your Tumblr dashboard, you can delete all Search features from each of your Tumblr blogs. Simply delete the <div> tag that contains the Search feature from the theme HTML code. You can preview your edits as you make the changes in the Preview pane. When the Search option disappears in the preview of your theme, save the theme. You can always revert to the original state of your theme if you want to restore the Search field to your blog.

Remove Search Feature

Log in to your Tumblr dashboard, then click the down arrow next to your blog name. Click the blog to modify to open the selected timeline in your dashboard.

Click the “Customize” link in the right sidebar menu to open the theme in Edit mode.

Click the “Edit HTML” link in the Customize panel to open the HTML editor.

Press “Ctrl-F,” then type the phrase “div id=”search” in the Find box. The specified <div> is highlighted in the code. Note that you can search for the <div> tag with or without the outer quotes; just include the inner quotation mark at the beginning of the word "search" in the search phrase.

Delete the entire Search <div> including all of its contents and its closing tag </div> located just after the “{lang:All of Tumblr}</label>” statement.

Click “Update Preview,” then check the Preview pane to view your changes.

Click “Save” to save the code, then click “Exit” to return to your dashboard.

Restore a Theme

Log in to your Tumblr dashboard, then open a new browser tab.

Open the Theme Recovery tool in the browser (see Resources).

Click the “Choose Blog" drop-down list, then click the name of the blog to restore. Click “View Backups” to open the recovery page for the selected blog.

Click the “Revert” button next to the version of your theme to restore. The selected theme is instantly restored to your blog.


To view the changes to your theme before restoring a backup, click the “Show Changes” link next to the Revert button for the version entry.


If you edit the HTML code in the editor and you don’t want to save your changes, click the “Back” arrow. A prompt displays asking if you want to leave the page without saving your changes. Click “OK.”