Can You Video Chat on ooVoo Without a Webcam?

By George Tinari

OoVoo is a video chat and video conferencing service and application available on desktop and mobile devices. As a competitor to Skype, it offers similar functionality, including both voice and video calls. If you do not own or are unable to access a webcam, you can still use ooVoo to see and chat with your contacts.

OoVoo Without a Webcam

If you want to video chat with someone but you don't have a webcam, you can still use ooVoo for the video call. In fact, video chatting without a webcam works almost exactly the same as it does with one. Just choose a contact on your ooVoo client, then click the "Call" icon. If he answers and has a webcam set up on his end, you'll still be able to see him but he won't see you. He'll only be able to hear you, assuming the device you're using at least has a microphone. If neither party uses a webcam, the chat will be limited to audio only.