What Is That Edit Everyone Uses on Instagram?

By Ashley Poland

Instagram editing apps allow you to modify and enhance any photo you've taken.
i Miguel Villagran/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Ask a dozen Instagram users which apps they use to edit their photos, and you will likely get six different answers. When looking for a specific Instagram editor, focus on the effect and work it down from there. For instance, only one app is well-known for reposting Instagram images, but several make collages. Look over the options to find the Instagram editing app that works for you. See Resources for links to all recommended apps.

Adding Text to Instagram Photos

For iPhone users, the app Overgram adds customizable text on photos; it offers different fonts and sizes, and allows you to align your text for the best readability. Android users may consider the app Instanote; like Overgram, it adds text to images before sharing to Instagram. Textgram creates Instagram images that are exclusively text, with creative frames for visual flare.

Making a Collage

A collage image combines several thematic images into one before posting it to Instagram. PicFrame, available for both iOS and Android, offers over 70 frame styles, with some that display up to nine images; it also offers the ability to add text to images. Exclusive to iOS, Frame Swagg offers over 150 collage layouts that work with Instagram.

Reposting Another Photo

If you want to share another user's image on your own stream, you need an app called InstaRepost. Available for both iOS and Android devices, it shares any user's post with your followers. When you share an image with InstaRepost, it imposes the original user's name on the image so that your followers know where it came from.

Mobile Image Editors

Some of the most impressive images on Instagram go through a full-blown image editor first to make corrections and improve the quality. Adobe offers a mobile image editor for iOS, Android and Windows Phone in the form of Photoshop Express. It offers auto-correction and several filters for improving your photos. Pixlr-o-Matic works less with correction and more with intense filters and dramatic effects.