Mac-Based Tumblr Themes

By Melly Parker

Good themes will subtly remind your viewers of Macs.
i Spencer Platt/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Some of the best recognized features of Mac styles are rounded corners, the soft gray color of Mac machines and the bright icons that stand out from the background. As you choose Tumblr themes, remember that you can customize many with your own colors and icons to help create a more Mac-like environment. Another hallmark of Mac design is simplicity -- you don't need a busy theme with moving elements to capture the essence of a Mac.

Theme Garden

If you're looking for themes for Tumblr, the Theme Garden is a good place to start. Think about the aspects of Mac design that you like the most, whether it's the bright icons with recognizable shapes, the muted background colors, the rounded lines or the tiled displays. As you scan the themes available in the Theme Garden, look for themes that incorporate those elements into their design. Themes may not be affiliated with Apple, but some can still have the look that Apple is known for. To install the theme, copy the HTML code and open your Tumblr blog. Click "Customize," and then click "Edit HTML." Delete the old code, paste in the new code and then click "Save."


Incorporating the rounded edges that are one of the hallmarks of Apple's design for both hardware and software, iBlack is available in the Theme Garden. If you prefer a lighter shade, you can use day pages, which changes the theme to have a light gray background. The theme supports the use of tags and includes a search function to help you find old posts.

Theme 7

Theme 7 is available from Themes by Moi and will make your Tumblr page look like a horizontal iPhone. Your blog description and links will appear when a user clicks the home button on the theme. There are three columns of posts, five custom links and a customizable background.


Perfs is another Theme Garden theme that incorporates parts of the Mac design into a custom theme. It uses rounded corners on a gray metal background that is similar to Mac monitors and laptops. Because the theme supports custom colors, you can adjust the shade of gray and the color of the text boxes to your liking by clicking "Customize" on your Tumblr blog.