Search for Music on Tumblr

By Randall Blackburn

Search the SoundCloud library from the Tumblr audio post form.
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Tumblr has partnered with SoundCloud to offer hosted music in Tumblr audio posts. The New Audio Post form enables you to search for freely available music and other audio content on the SoundCloud platform. Note that Tumblr formerly partnered with Spotify and Hypster to provide music through the audio post Search feature. However, Spotify and Hypster are no longer supported in the Tumblr music search feature, as of January 2014. Tumblr may enable additional music services in the future.

The Tumblr Audio Post

You can choose songs and playlists from SoundCloud by searching for an artist, band or title from the New Audio Post form. The song or playlist is loaded into the default Tumblr audio player. However, you can also embed a URL to a playlist or song hosted on another server, or you can upload MP3 files to an audio post.

Create New Audio Post

To create a new audio post, open Tumblr and log in to your dashboard. Click the “Audio” icon in the toolbar at the top of your dashboard to open a New Audio Post form. Click the arrow next to your blog’s name at the top of the post, then click the blog that will host the audio post to select a different blog.

Tumblr Music Search

When you open a New Audio Post form, notice that the Search tab is active by default. To perform a music search, type the name of a song, artist or band in the Search field. As you type, a list of matching entries displays under the Search box. Click an entry to load the song or playlist.

Publish Audio Post

Finish the post by typing an optional description in the Description box, then adding tags in the Tags field, if desired. To publish the post, click the “Post” icon. The SoundCloud audio player is automatically embedded in the post, and the song or playlist you selected is queued. Once published, the user clicks the “Play” button to start the audio stream from your post.