Recommending Yourself on Tumblr

By Randall Blackburn

Nominate your blog for the Tumblr Spotlight page.
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Until recently, the Tumblr platform included a Recommended Blogs section. Tumblr users could recommend their blogs, as well as blogs owned by others, for the honor of appearing in a certain category on the Recommended Blogs list. However, the Recommended Blogs feature is no longer available, having been replaced by the Tumblr Spotlight section. You can still nominate your blogs and blogs owned by others for the Spotlight section.

The Recommended Blogs List

A few years ago, Tumblr implemented a Recommended Blogs list on the platform. Tumblr users could install a button on their blogs that enabled other users to automatically recommend their blogs for recognition in the Recommended Blogs section. However, the recommendation system was retired, and the Tumblr Spotlight replaced this section on the Tumblr platform. Recommend buttons are no longer supported.

Tumblr Spotlight Feature

The Tumblr Spotlight feature is now combined with the Tumblr Lookup Contacts tool. When you open the Tumblr Spotlight page in a browser, the Spotlight tab is active by default with categories listed in the right sidebar. Click a category to view spotlighted blogs in that category. Two additional tabs, “People You Know” and “Following X People,” are available at the top of the page. (The “X” represents the total number of blogs you follow.) Click the “People You Know” tab, then click either the “Facebook” or the “Gmail” icon to locate your friends on these platforms. Click the “Following X People” tab to view a list of the blogs you follow.

Criteria for Spotlight

Tumblr editors decide which blogs will appear in the Tumblr Spotlight section. The editors decide to include certain blogs based on several factors, including the blog’s popularity, tags, interactions, number of followers and quality of content. When nominating a blog, be sure to make your case about why you think the blog is "spotlight-worthy."

How to Nominate a Blog

The Tumblr editors accept nominations from Tumblr users for Spotlight blogs. To nominate a blog for the Spotlight section, send your request in an email to “” When you nominate a blog, include the category for the blog and a few compelling reasons why the blog should be spotlighted. If you own the blog you are nominating, be sure to include category hashtags on the blog’s main page and in your posts.