What Do the Numbers Mean on the Tumblr Dashboard?

By Andrea Ruiz

Your Tumblr dashboard helps you gauge your visitors' response to your posts.
i Todd Warnock/Digital Vision/Getty Images

When you log in to your Tumblr account, the site automatically redirects you to your dashboard, where you can read the posts published by the blogs that you follow. Additionally, your Tumblr dashboard displays several statistics, numbers and post counts in its different sections, revealing information about your account activity, the blogs with which you interact, and how your visitors respond to your content.

Individual Blog Statistics

By default, your Tumblr dashboard displays statistics about your primary blog. If you've created more than one blog with your Tumblr account, you can view individual statistics for each blog by selecting it from the drop-down list of blogs on your dashboard. The Posts tab displays how many posts you've published to that blog, and clicking it displays those posts in chronological order, with the newest post first. The Followers tab displays the number of people who follow that blog; clicking it displays a list of the followers, as well as the option to follow them back. The Drafts tab display the number of unpublished draft posts you've saved, and if you've scheduled any posts in the blog's queue, the number displays in the Queue tab.

Account Statistics

The Account section of your dashboard displays useful information about your primary Tumblr account. The Liked tab displays how many posts you've liked over the course of your account's lifetime; clicking it displays all of these posts. You can remove any post from this list by clicking the heart icon in the post to unlike it.

The Following tab displays the number of blogs you follow. Clicking the tab takes you to your account's Following page, where you can unfollow any of the blogs listed by clicking the "Unfollow" button next to the username. You can also add a blog to your Following list by typing the username in the blank field and clicking the "Follow" button.

Activity Statistics

You can view the activity statistics for any of your blogs by selecting the blog from the drop-down list of blogs on your dashboard and then clicking the Activity tab. Select the date range in the activity dashboard for which you want to see statistics. Tumblr displays statistics for the last 24 hours, the last three or seven days, or the last month. The number in the Notes section displays how many users have liked, reblogged or replied to your posts within that date range. Tumblr also represents these numbers using a line graph on the dashboard. The number in the New Followers block displays how many new followers you've gained during the date range you specified.

Numbers In Posts

Your Tumblr dashboard displays the posts from all the blogs you follow in chronological order, with the most recent blog post first. Any post that another Tumblr user has liked, replied to or reblogged has a Notes section with a number displayed next to it. The number is the total number of replies, likes and reblogs the post has received.