How to Look at Who a Person Follows on Tumblr

By Andrea Ruiz

Your Tumblr dashboard displays the posts of the blogs you follow.
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As a hybrid social media network and blogging platform, Tumblr distinguishes between the users whose blogs you follow and the users who follow your blog. Although Tumblr doesn't publicly display either blogroll by default, many Tumblr themes include the option to configure a layout widget that lists the blogs the user is following. The location of the list depends on the blog's privacy settings and its theme layout options.

Visit the blog in your Web browser directly by clicking the username on your Tumblr dashboard or by typing the blog's complete URL into your browser's address bar.

Scroll down the blog's sidebar, if its theme has one, and locate the widget displaying the list of blogs the user follows. The widget may have a title such as "People I Follow," or it may just be a grid of thumbnails of the blogs' user icons.

Scroll to the bottom of the blog if you don't see a widget in the sidebar or if the blog's layout has no sidebar. Some blog themes allow users to display widgets in the footer instead of the sidebar.


Tumblr users can have many blogs, but only one primary account, and they can follow other blogs only with a primary account. If the blog you're viewing is the user's secondary account, the user won't be able to follow any blogs with it and will not have a widget displaying this information.


Some Tumblr users disable the widget that displays the blogs they follow or use themes that don't display this information.