What Does It Mean to Reblog on Tumblr?

By Brian Flax

Reblogging lets you share posts you find on Tumblr with your followers.
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A reblog on Tumblr is a way to share a post you like, much like retweeting on Twitter, liking a post on Facebook or sharing content on LinkedIn. Any content that you reblog is added to your personal Tumblr blog for your followers to see. Other Tumblr users can reblog content that you post to your blog, as well. You can reblog a post you see on your dashboard, on someone else's blog or by visiting the post's permanent URL.

Reblogging From Your Dashboard

When you're browsing your dashboard and find a post you'd like to share, you can reblog it by clicking on the reblog icon, which looks like two arrows pointing in a circle. The word "Reblog" appears when you place your mouse over the icon. When you click on the icon, you can add your own text, html, links or images to the original post. After you're done editing, click on "Reblog" to share the original post with your additional edits included. The original poster is notified whenever his content is reblogged.

Reblog Statistics

You can view how many times published content has been reblogged or liked by clicking on the notes section at the bottom of the post. The notes section shows the username of each person who has reblogged or liked the post, any edits he's made to the original content and the username of the original poster of the content. In addition to viewing usernames, you can follow users by clicking on the "+" symbol or visit reblogged content by clicking on the arrow.

Reblogging Your Own Content

Reblogging your own content can be useful if you have more than one blog on Tumblr and want to share the post with each blog's followers. Click on the "Reblog" icon on the post you want to share and select the blog where you want to post it. Edit the post with any additional text, html, links or images you want to add and then click "Reblog."

Additional Features

If you like a post but don't want to reblog it to your own personal Tumblr blog, you can like the post instead by clicking on the heart-shaped icon located at the bottom of the post. The word "Like" appears when you place your mouse over the icon. The person who posted the content receives a notification whenever his content is liked. If another Tumblr user likes or reblogs one of your posts, a notification is sent to your dashboard.