Is There an App to Make Tumblr Pics?

By Melly Parker

Take, edit and upload images to Tumblr right from your smartphone.
i Jupiterimages/Goodshoot/Getty Images

Pictures are one of the most popular post types on Tumblr -- some are reblogged hundreds of thousands of times. To help get your images ready for Tumblr, you can use mobile apps that can add filters, overlay text and otherwise assist you in editing your images. There's no need to go to a computer when you can prepare and post photos from anywhere with a mobile data connection.

Official Tumblr App

The official Tumblr app is available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone, and is the best option if you want to snap a photo and upload it to Tumblr directly. Tap the Pencil icon, and then tap the Camera icon to add a photo; you can choose from one in your phone's storage or take a new photo. Add tags and a caption, if desired, and then post it to your Tumblr feed. You can't edit the actual image within the Tumblr app itself.

Photo Filter Apps

Photo filters change the color of an image, and can affect the brightness. Instagram, available for iOS and Android, has a variety of filters you can use on your photos. Another app is Hipstamatic for iOS, which allows you to add filters to images before taking them. PIxlr-O-Matic for Android and iOS also has many filters and image effects you can use on your photos before you upload them with the Tumblr app.

Text Overlay Apps

To add text to your photos, use a text overlay app such as Photolettering, available for iOS users. The free version of the app offers three fonts, and you can get more fonts with a paid subscription. InstaQuote for Android has Instagram integration, and also lets you tap on a word to emphasize it. PIcLab is another app for iOS and Android that lets you add text to images, in addition to other effects.

Editing Apps

Some apps have a lot of photo-editing power packed into them. PicsArt can edit photos, make collages and add effects to images. PhotoWonder offers a variety of features, including red-eye adjustment, animated decoration and acne removal. Handy Photo is another app that places the adjustment tools in the corner of the screen so that you can see the image being adjusted clearly in the middle. All three apps are available on both iOS and Android.