How to Reblog With a URL on Tumblr

by Tammy Columbo

You can reblog a post with the Reblog icon if the owner of the post has enabled the feature. When you reblog a post using the Reblog feature, you can add a URL and text to the content of the post. Use the Reblog As feature to reblog the original post only as a URL. If the post does not include the Reblog icon, you can reblog the post with the permalink URL: acquire the permalink URL for the original post, and then publish the URL in a text post to reblog the original content.

Reblog Icon

Log in to your Tumblr Dashboard, and then locate the post to reblog in your timeline.

Click the “Reblog” icon in the bottom of the post. The Reblog form opens.

Type your additional content in the text blox, and then click the “Reblog Post” button to publish the post.

Permalink Reblog

Log in to your Tumblr Dashboard, and then locate the post to reblog in your timeline.

Click the “Share” icon in the bottom toolbar in the post to open the Share menu.

Click the “Permalink” option. The post opens in a new browser tab.

Drag your cursor over the URL in the address bar in the new browser tab, and then click “Ctrl-C” to copy the URL. This is the permalink to the post.

Return to the Tumblr Dashboard open in the first tab, and then click the “Aa Text” post icon to open a New Text Post form.

Type “Reblogged from (Name of Blog)” in the text box, replacing "(Name of Blog)" with the name of original posting blog. Type an optional title in the Title field, if desired.

Drag your cursor over the text to select the characters, and then click the “Link” icon in the formatting toolbar. The Link dialog box opens.

Click inside the Link field in the dialog box, and then press “Ctrl-V” to paste the permalink in the field.

Click “Post” to publish the post.


To schedule the reblog post, or to save the post as a draft, click the down arrow next to the Reblog icon, and then click the desired option in the Post menu. Options include Schedule, Save as Draft, Add to Queue, Post Privately and Post Now.

If the post includes the Reblog icon, you can click the “Reblog As” button in the Reblog post form, and then click the “Link” option to blog the post as a single link.


Be sure to cite the original author or blog when reblogging the post.


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