How to Use Your Webcam With a Vizio

By Brian Flax

Add a TV webcam to your Vizio HDTV to video chat with other Skype users.
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To use a webcam with a Vizio high-definition television, you need a Vizio Internet Apps HDTV and a Vizio Internet Apps TV Video Camera. If you don't own an Internet-connected Vizio HDTV, purchase an all-in-one TV cam such as the telyHD or Logitech TV Cam HD. Additionally, several Skype-ready Blu-ray players and compatible TV webcams will work. As of January 2014, Skype is the only service that provides support for HDTVs.

Skype-Ready Vizio HDTVs

If you own a Vizio Internet Apps TV, purchase a Vizio Internet Apps TV Video Camera directly from Vizio or your local electronics retailer. You need an active Skype account to use video chat on your TV. With a Vizio Internet Apps TV and video camera, you can place calls to other Skype users on computers, mobile phones, tablets and other TVs that are Skype-enabled. Check to see if your Vizio HDTV is supported by visiting the Vizio TV Chat website (link in Resources). Enter the TV's model number to check compatibility.

Non-Internet Enabled HDTVs

If your Vizio HDTV is not enabled for Internet apps, purchase an all-in-one TV cam directly from Skype or a local electronics retailer. Compatible models include the Tely Labs telyHD and Logitech TV Cam HD. These TV webcams can be connected to any HDTV with an open HDMI port and include the Skype app on the device. Video calls to other Skype users are free of charge and support up to 720p resolution when sufficient bandwidth is available. The webcams are Wi-Fi compatible for cable-free installation.

Internet-Connected Blu-Ray Players

Several Blu-ray players are Skype-ready and can be connected to your HDTV using an HDMI cable. Skype-ready Blu-ray players require a TV webcam, broadband Internet connection and Skype account. Products can be purchased from the Skype Shop (link in Resources) or by visiting your local electronics retailer. Sony and Panasonic both manufacture Blu-ray players that are Skype-ready. Additionally, the Microsoft Xbox One includes a built-in Skype client that's connected to your Vizio HDTV over HDMI.

Bandwidth and Considerations

Using Skype on a Vizio HDTV requires sufficient bandwidth for HD quality calls. Skype recommends both parties have at least 1.2Mbps symmetrical bandwidth for 720p HD video calls to work correctly. For standard-definition video calls, Skype recommends at least 500Kbps of available bandwidth. For the best picture quality, mount the webcam on top of the HDTV. Skype video calls are free to other Skype users, but charges may be incurred when placing long distance calls to mobile phones and landlines. Purchase call credits and international packages if you plan to use your Vizio HDTV for long distance calling (link in Resources).