How to Get Sprint Text Details

By Aaron Parson

Sprint's various cell phone service plans can either include unlimited texts or include a set number of texts, with extras charged individually. You can check your plan's text usage details through your account on Sprint's website or by making a free call from your Sprint phone. If you need further details about text history, you have to submit a consent form to Sprint.

Check Sprint Text Usage

To see your full account usage details including text usage for the month, log into Sprint's website. If you haven't used the site before, you'll need to register with your mobile phone number. After logging in, scroll down to see the list of phone lines on your account. Under each phone you can see a count of texts and your monthly allotment. Note that both incoming and outgoing texts count toward your limit. You can also dial "*4" (without quotes) from your phone to reach an automated help line that will provide your usage details.

Available Text Details

At your request, Sprint will send you details about your phone's texts covering the last 90 days. These details don't include the actual content of the texts, which Sprint doesn't keep, but they provide the sending and receiving phone numbers and the time and date each message was sent and received.

Requesting Text Details

To receive a copy of your text details, print the text usage details consent form (link in Resources). Fill in your information, sign the form and have it notarized. All forms require notarization to protect your information. Mail the form to Sprint CDMA Text Message Detail Request Management at 2432 Fortune Drive, Lexington, KY 40509. You can also fax the form to 859-389-4510 or scan it and email it to If your request relates to a legal issue, have your attorney submit a subpoena to Sprint Corporate Security.

Nextel Direct Connect Text Details

If you were previously a Nextel customer and continue to use a phone with Nextel Direct Connect services, your line may store text details that you can access on the Sprint website without submitting a request. To ensure text details remain available, log into your Sprint account, open your preferences and click "Deleting Messages." Select "Do not delete messages after I receive them on my phone."