How to Auto-Retweet a Hashtag

By Ken Burnside

Use auto-retweets of hashtags to track your social media presence.
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Retweeting tweets based on a common criteria, such as a username, or a hashtag, is a way to filter and aggregate tweets of interest to your followers. This helps your followers find messages relevant to events that you're running, helps multiple contributors to collate tweets into one unified feed, and can be a great use of the social media platform for building both brand awareness and an archive of specific tweets to use as a memory. This type of retweeting requires an external service since it's not built into Twitter directly.

Set up a RoundTeam account and click the "Sign In With Twitter" button.

Click the button allowing RoundTeam to read tweets from your timeline, and then read the terms of service and click "OK." You're asked if you want to retweet by the Twitter account you just linked to RoundTeam. Click "Yes" to bring up the Twitter authorization page.

Click the "Authorize app" button. You're asked if you want to use the free version of RoundTeam or pay $4 a month for it. Select a payment method and click "Yes" on the next pop-up. You'll see your Retweets dashboard.

Click on the blue icon under Followers and enter the hashtag you want to use and click "Add." Whenever someone who's following the account linked to RoundTeam tweets with that hashtag, your account will automatically retweet it.


In mid-2013, Twitter changed its retweeting API. As of this publishing, RoundTeam is the only working service that allows filtered retweeting by hashtags. Other services may come about later as the Twitter ecosystem adjusts to the change in API.